Soccerlens: Week In Review – September 3

Slow day today – we’ve finally got a chance to recover from the transfer window madness and the international break (more specifically, the pointless Euro 2008 qualifiers against Andorra and Macedonia) provide an excellent opportunity to relax.

However, in the helter-skelter of the last week you might have missed these articles – take a look.

General News

Soupdragon2 kicks off with a preview of the four Premier League clubs in the Champions League. Tomorrow I’ll be putting up the qualifying fixtures for each team as well.

Tony provides us with an honest, objective and realistic look at the ‘accusations’ levelled at Chelsea and Abramovich.

Who would have thunk it? Roy Keane signs as Sunderland manager for a 3-year contract. His team are so scared that before the contract is even signed they go out and beat promotion-favourites West Brom 2-0. Add Keano’s 6 new signings (Dwight Yorke and Liam Miller in that list), and you have to fancy Sunderland for doing good.

All the best goals from the EPL in August 2006. People are voting Agger’s goal as the best of the lot, I’m not so sure though.

Keith writes in about Bayern Munich’s actions in the transfer window and how they made the Hargreaves (non)transfer a matter of pride.

It’s Tony again, this time with a hilarious story about how to get two gooners to fight each other.

Last week of the transfer window

Full list of the summer transfers.

They are calling it Tevezcherano. West Ham sign Tevez and Mascherano from the Corinthians, and no one is believing even for a second that this is not underhanded in some way.

Ed Harrison laments about Newcastle’s failures in the transfer window.

Tottenham have been buying players left and right, and before West Ham’s coup looked to be the club determined to buy their way into the Champions League. Well, at least that’s what it looks like.

After the transfer window closed…

Manchester United are walking the fine line between brilliance and failure – injuries separate them from another great season and an unacceptable one.

Arsenal have Baptista and Gallas, but will that be enough?

Chelsea are still the favourites for the Premiership title, but they do have their own share of problems.

A highly fractious discussion on who will win the race for the 5th spot in the Premiership.