Are Tottenham trying to buy a Champions League spot?

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If Tottenham manage to reverse their early slump in form and – whisper it – manage to qualify for the Champions League this year, will people be blaming Tottenham for buying their way to the top?

Yesterday, in a flurry of transfer moves Tottenham signed three players they had wanted for quite some time and seem to have solved their positional problems (right-back, left-wing, striker) as well.

Mido penned a 4 mil contract before Tottenham finally broke down Wigan’s defences and took Chimbonda away for a mere 3.75 mil (rising to 5 mil based on appearances) and allowed Malbranque to move to a ‘more ambitious’ club with 2.5 mil signing (a contract he is expected to sign today).

The moves will see three players leaving Tottenham – Lee Young-pyo and Rodrigo Defendi will move to Roma while Wayne Routeledge will move to Fulham.

News is that Malbranque will be playing left-wing for the Spurs – Don’t know if he’ll offer them the same width that Lennon gives on the right, or whether Jol will gamble and switch them and play Lennon on the left.

Spurs buying their way to the Champions League? You heard it here first.

Not that they’d actually get there, though 🙂

Ok, ok, so they’re not buying their league positions. In reality, this is fantastic business by Spurs, and the additions of Zokora and Malbranque to the side will offset the loss of Michael Carrick. Mido gives them more options up front although his arrival also reduces the chances of Defoe playing and effectively means that Tottenham’s 4th choice striker might start in England’s Euro 2008 qualifier against Andorra (although Johnson and Bent are more likely options).

Tottenham lineup (without injuries):

Robinson, Chimbonda, King, Dawson, Assou-Ekkoto, Lennon, Zokora, Jenas, Malbranque, Berbatov, Keane.

Sounds good, but 4th place good? Not if Tottenham keep losing matches without putting up a fight.

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