WATCH: Rick Pitino Gives Out Phone Number On National TV

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usa today 20283230.0

Rick Pitino made news last month by becoming the new head coach of the St. John’s Men’s Basketball program, but he may have received some unknown calls after his gaffe on Sunday.

Pitino was inside Madison Square Garden on Sunday afternoon for the playoff game between the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers. He was one of the celebrities that the ABC/ESPN broadcast decided to pan their cameras to during a timeout, and it didn’t take a professional lip-reader to decipher what he was saying.

Rick Pitino Gives Out Phone Number On National TV

Just as the camera cut to the shot of Pitino, the coach began giving out his phone number to an unknown recipient. The broadcast caught every digit as they spilled out of his mouth, and cut away as soon as Pitino finished off the 10-number sequence.

As is customary in the social media age, it didn’t take long for Pitino’s phone to start blowing up with calls and texts from unknown people.

The coach took to Twitter on Monday to explain the situation, and provided a little bit of humor to go along with his unfortunate mistake:

It looks as though Pitino has changed his phone number. The number that he provided is no longer in service, and he even added an emoji to his tweet when faking like he was giving out his new number. Not bad for a 70-year-old.

Rick Pitino is one of the most decorated college coaches of all time. He spent the last few years working his way back up the college ranks after scandals forced him to coach internationally and at smaller programs. But he will get his shot at redemption with St. John’s this coming year and in the future, as he signed a six-year deal worth a reported $20 million.

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