The Chicago Bears Have The Fewest Picks Of Any Team In The 2024 NFL Draft


The Chicago Bears have been unofficially on the clock since the conclusion of the 2023 NFL season. They are the owners of the first overall selection in a draft that features a “can’t miss” prospect that they’ll most certainly pick when things get underway on April 25th. But that will be one of their few opportunities during this year’s selection process, as they currently possess fewer picks than any other team in the league.

NFL: The Chicago Bears Own Just 4 Draft Picks

Chicago only has four selections overall. In addition to the first pick, they also own the 9th overall, giving them absurd value within the top-10. They won’t pick again until the 3rd round (75th overall), and their final selection will come in the 4th (#122).

Only two of them are their own. The #1 overall pick comes by way of the Carolina Panthers, who gave up the rights during last year’s process in order to select Bryce Young, and their 4th rounder was originally owned by the Philadelphia Eagles.

But the combination of the two picks in the top-10 give them some of the most value of any NFL team in this year’s draft process. According to Tankathon’s Draft Power Rankings (which are based on the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective), the Bears’ collection of four picks gives them the 3rd highest value, behind only the Cardinals and Commanders, who each have 9+ picks themselves.

Trading Back For More Assets Is Possible

There is a chance that Chicago is able to pick up an extra selection or two in the later rounds. While the #1 pick is all but decided, what they will do at #9 is still very much up in the air, and it could be a very valuable asset depending on how things play out with the 8 selections before it. If one of the highly-touted quarterback prospects happens to fall, then the Bears could use #9 as trade fodder for a team like the Broncos or Raiders.

Chicago’s second round pick was traded for Montez Sweat last season, and their 5th rounder was dealt last month in a transaction with the Buffalo Bills.

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