Dalglish set for Anfield return, Vfl Wolfsburg on the verge of Bundesliga history, how Viagra helps footballers deal with high altitude, and more

In case you didn’t know (and you should, because I mentioned it), my birthday was this month, and if you are also celebrate your birthday this month, make sure you have a lot of fun with close friends, but don’t injure yourself. Of course, it’s the thought that counts (so they say), so if someone gives you a hideous lovingly handcrafted pair of socks, appreciate it as much as you would if they bought you, say, a 15k phone.

And my present to you? Well, the daily roundup of course! Let’s hop to it, shall we?

King Kenny Set for Anfield Return?

Kenny Dalglish made a few of those 18 diamonds possible as both a player and a manager at Liverpool, and he could be soon be returning to the club in some sort of capacity.

Speaking of Jewels…

Steven Gerrard was in the studio and not on the pitch for Liverpool on Tuesday night, and it’s safe to say that Andrei Arshavin wasn’t the only thing that was a little too wide open.

Viagra – Giving Footballers a Lift at High Altitude

Could the little blue pill help footballers deal with playing at high altitudes? If only Diego Maradona had heard this one sooner, eh?

Russian Referee Gets Taken Out

Usually when you think about referees getting pelted by objects, you think of them coming from the crowd. Not so for one Russian referee.

The Best Tackles in Football

Everyone loves to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over a beautiful goal, but a clean, crunching challenge is just as worthy of applause.

Who Will Manchester City Sell This Summer?

Much of the transfer talk involving Manchester City has been about who they’ll buy, but who will City be saying goodbye to in the close season?

Several Interested in Rescuing Southampton

It might have happened anyway, but Southampton have officially been relegated due to their severe financial problems. But, out of darkness comes light, and someone could soon be coming to the club’s rescue.

Wolfsburg Set to Make Bundesliga History

If Bundesliga table-toppers Wolfsburg win at Energie Cottbus on Saturday, they’ll not only move one step closer to a first-ever Bundesliga title, but they’ll make some history as well.

Would Signing Cannavaro Be a Step Back for Juventus?

Fabio Cannavaro has recently been linked with a return to old club Juventus, but would bringing the veteran defender back to Turin be a good move for Juve?

5 Essential iPhone Apps for Soccer Fans

Can’t say I’ve ever seriously thought about buying an iPhone, but seeing that they have some excellent apps for footy fanatics like me could make me change my mind.

Babe of the Day: Sylvie Van der Vaart

Rafael Van der Vaart gets to live out the dream of many young boys and suit up for Real Madrid. And he has a gorgeous wife. Life’s good.

From the SL Vault: Football’s Greatest Defenders

Crunching tackles are most often associated with and administered by the guys whose job it is to hold their ground and keep things tidy, and here’s a look at the best defenders the game has ever seen.

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