Arsenal to beat Liverpool, Manchester United goals, Chelsea face the crunch and the magic of European football

Today’s roundup is brought you by the world of mainstream football blogging. Oh, and Melissa Satta, if you’re not the literary kind. Never let it be said that Soccerlens didn’t have something for everyone. And I mean everyone.

Arsenal take on Liverpool in a top four (or second two, if you want to be accurate) clash this Sunday and with both teams struggling for form, it’s anyone’s game to be honest. Arsenal should win this considering that they play better against teams better than themselves than they do against teams they’re superior to. Go over to the match thread and share your predictions, and join Victor on Sunday afternoon with the live blog.

There are some other juicy fixtures as well, the picks being Newcastle v Tottenham and Everton v Chelsea.

European football will reveal who’s playing whom in the next stages of the Champions League and the UEFA Cup today. The 08-09 UEFA Champions League 2nd Round Draw is blogged live on Soccerlens, while the UEFA Cup draw is here.

While we wait, here’s some fun reading material: Who do Arsenal want in the Champs League?, Racing 3-1 Man City match report, Hamburg 3-1 Aston Villa match report and back to the SL Champs League and the UEFA Cup playoff draw for possible permutations for all teams.

Brad Barnett reveals the secrets of the art and science of goalkeeping.

Neil Jones on fantasy football. Coming soon (later today, so these won’t work till the evening): the best fantasy football games of 2008, some fantasy football tips and a review of Premier League’s fantasy football game. I’ve never seen this much fantasy football in my life, to be honest.


Manchester United beat Gamba Osaka yesterday 5-3 in the semi-finals of the 08 Club World Cup. Red Rants has the discussion but honestly the goals are all that matter, and ROM has the necessary goal videos. Match report? Boring game till the last 25 minutes, when the goals really starting flying (6 of 8 goals scored in that time). Like someone said on the Guardian live blog, just because the World Club Championship is Blatter’s idea doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad one. Or is it?

Football League votes for the home-grown players rule. Will it save English football? Probably not, but they can feel good about themselves and it’s a start towards giving aspiring English footballers more of a chance to actually play football than start blogs on the subject, which I suppose is good for us, so go Football League!

Scolari gets his excuses in. The man’s a master politician, and he’s playing a hand that was dealt to him instead of him choosing the cards, something Chelsea managers have not always been familiar with.


The Premier League is working on it’s own TV channelEPL Talk and EU Football have the latest. We’ll be doing a feature on this soon, and I’ve already made a list of suggestions (i.e. football babes they need to hire) to make to Scudamore and co.

Tom Clark gives us a delightful introduction to Mexican football.

You know what – with all this talk of recession and what not, there’s still room to get paid doing what you love. Soccerlens is hiring, and so is Red Rants, while Football Media is looking for new bloggers as well. Knock yourself out.

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