Raptors’ Dennis Schroder was initially unhappy with coming off the bench for Toronto this season

Dennis Schroder Raptors pic
Dennis Schroder Raptors pic

Through 36 games this season, the Raptors are currently 15-21. That is 11th in the Eastern Conference out of 15 teams. Toronto is 4-6 in their last 10 games. In 2023-24, the Raptors have a first-year head coach, Darko Rajakovic leading the team. Less than two weeks ago, Toronto made a trade with the Knicks for Immanuel Quickley and R.J. Barret in exchange for O.G. Anunoby.

For Toronto’s first 30 games of the season, veteran Dennis Schroder started at PG for the Raptors. However, Rajakovic decided that Shcroder would be more effective off the bench for Toronto this season. Schroder was initially unhappy with the move, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win. That’s the selfless attitude that more players need to try and have.

Dennis Schroder is trying to embrace a bench role for the Raptors in 2023-24

In 2022-23, Dennis Schroder was with the Los Angeles Lakers. He signed a two-year, $25 million deal with Toronto this offseason. Schroder had all intentions of being their starting PG. He was reportedly excited about the opportunity of leading the team. The 30-year-old started the first 30 games this season as their starting PG. However, head coach Darko Rajakovic felt that some changes needed to be made.

Even before the team traded for Immanuel Quickley, Rajakovic experimented with having Schroder come off the bench. He felt that his veteran PG could be more effective off the bench with the second unit. That has proved to be true since the team traded for Immanuel Quickley and R.J. Barrett. Toronto has won three of their last four games. Schroder has come off the bench in all four. A role he’s willing to take if it’s going to help the team win.

Coming off the bench for Toronto, Schroder’s numbers have not changed dramatically at all. The veteran PG is still able to play effectively with the second unit and keep the team competitive. Schroder could easily be a starter for another team and the Raptors are lucky to have his veteran presence off the bench. Immanuel Quickley is still only 24 years old and will continue to grow in his starting role with Toronto. Expect Dennis Schroder to be a role model for Quickley and help him work on his craft.

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