NFL: Saints, Texans Have Easiest Remaining Schedule In 2023


The New Orleans Saints are 3-2 and are coming off of a huge road victory over the New England Patriots. They are one of the teams bunched up at the top of the early NFC South standings, and will look to keep themselves afloat during the middle part of the NFL schedule in order to make a potential run at a playoff spot or even the division crown.

Saints Have Easiest Remaining Schedule In The NFL

Based on the strength of their remaining opponents, they shouldn’t have much of a problem being in contention towards the end of the regular season. The Saints have the easiest remaining schedule of any NFL team, and it helps that they play in arguably the weakest division in football.

They’ve already played against and beaten the Panthers, but they’ll see them again in December. The Falcons are on the schedule twice, and there are games against the Giants, Bears, and Vikings in there as well. They’ll take on three AFC South teams in a row starting this Sunday when they play the Texans. They’ll take on the Jaguars and Colts over the next two weeks.

When looking at the schedule for the Saints, there is only one game that truly stands out as one that they’ll certainly be underdogs for, as they’ll take on the Detroit Lions in a Week 14 matchup.

Texans Have Easy Schedule Too, But Long Shots For Playoffs

Which other NFL teams have easy roads for the remainder of the year? After the Saints, three of the four other teams in the top-5 come from the AFC South. The Texans have the second-easiest schedule, as their games against the Bengals and Jets don’t seem as daunting as they may have in the preseason. They have games against the Cardinals and Broncos to go along with their inter-division matchups.

The Titans are #3 and the Falcons are #4, with the Colts finishing out the top-5.

As it stands today, a “yes” answer to whether or not the Saints will make the playoffs stands at -180 at BetOnline. For the Texans, the designation is at +275, the difference between playing in the AFC and playing in the NFC.

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