NFL: Is Draft Prospect Caleb Williams Avoiding The Chicago Bears?

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Caleb Williams has been regarded as one of the better prospects that we have seen enter the NFL Draft in recent memory. The USC quarterback is considered a potential generational talent, and is heavily favored to be the top pick during April’s selection process. And while we are still a ways away from “rumor season” when it comes to the NFL Draft, Williams is getting the mill started before the regular season even ends.

NFL: Caleb Williams May Be Unwilling To Join Chicago Bears

There has been plenty of discussion about what exactly Caleb Williams desires when it comes to his NFL candidacy. Having won the Heisman trophy as a sophomore in 2022, it was assumed that he would enter the draft as soon as he was eligible. But there were rumors early in the college season that he was still debating on whether he would leave school after his junior season, despite being the consensus number one.

It was thought he may have been looking to avoid the Cardinals. Arizona entered the year as the team most likely to finish with the league’s worst record, and would lock in the second overall pick if the season ended today. But unless the Carolina Panthers are able to defeat one of the Jaguars or Buccaneers over the final two weeks, then it will be the Chicago Bears that end up with the golden ticket.

Bears Have Franchise-Altering Decisions To Make

But it may be them that Williams is unwilling to play for. There was a tweet published by a little-known account over the weekend that suggested that the best thing for the Bears to do would be to pass on the quarterback and instead draft wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. The tweet wouldn’t have held much weight, but it was “liked” by Caleb Williams himself.

Chicago will certainly have a decision to make. They will have some of the most draft firepower of any team this coming year, as they are currently in line for the 1st and 8th overall selections, thanks to the trade of the #1 overall pick that they made last year. The reason that they dealt that pick in 2022 was because of their confidence in Justin Fields, but he hasn’t done enough to overwhelmingly convince the team and fan base that he is the best option going forward.

Watch for the Bears to undergo one of the biggest roster shifts this coming NFL off-season, regardless of if they select Caleb Williams #1 overall or not.

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