NFL: Aaron Rodgers And The Jets Could Play At Lambeau Field In 2024

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rsz aaron rodgers 685eba9848da4df8a96d507622346f97

Aaron Rodgers will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, and he will be best known for his long and illustrious career with the Green Bay Packers. The switching of teams at age 39 was given him the opportunity to write a new chapter, but we all know how the story has started in Rodgers’ time with the Jets. But if he returns to full form in 2024 as expected, there is a chance that he’ll be heading back to Lambeau Field for a game against his old team at some point in the season.

Could Jets Visit Lambeau Field During 2024 NFL Season?

The NFL currently has the opponents picked out for every team through the 2027 season. Certain divisions play against each other, and there are of course the 6 games within the division that each team is slated for. But there are a couple of “wild card” games when it comes to NFL scheduling and future opponents, which could be the key to a potential Jets vs. Packers matchup next year.

Along with playing against the NFC West and AFC South, the Jets will also have road games against the teams in both the AFC North and NFC North that finish in the same place in their division as New York.

Things Will Change If Packers Pass Vikings In Standings

There is a good chance that both the Jets and Packers finish in 3rd place in their respective divisions. They are both currently in that slot, with the lowly Patriots and Bears likely occupying the bottom spots throughout the rest of the year. The Dolphins and Bills will be fighting for the right to the division crown in the AFC East, while the Lions have a comfortable lead in the NFC North.

The only real scenario in which we are robbed of Aaron Rodgers returning to Lambeau in 2024 would be if the Packers were to leap-frog the Vikings for second place in the division, given that the Jets passing the Bills or Dolphins is highly unlikely at this point.

New York will also play a home game against the AFC West during the 2024 NFL season, which would be the Las Vegas Raiders if the season ended today.

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