Aaron Rodgers Will Try To Return Regardless Of Jets Playoff Status

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rsz aaron rodgers jets ny1 ny 08272023 ap23238810879091

The New York Jets are floundering. After making a nice mid-season run and boosting their record to 4-3, they are now losers of three straight games, having scored one (1) single touchdown since October 22nd. They are playing against the Miami Dolphins this week in the first ever Black Friday game, and are 9,5 point underdogs with Tim Boyle set to be the team’s starter. Apparently, none of that matters to Aaron Rodgers, who is going to be attempting a comeback regardless of the Jets season status.

Aaron Rodgers Wants To Come Back In 2023 No Matter What

It was one thing to hear that Rodgers would be attempting a comeback from an Achilles tear in the same season as the incident. People called him crazy for even thinking that a December return was possible, that he would have to defy science in order to make good on his goals. But through the short public appearances that we have seen from the all-time quarterback, we can see that he may actually have a realistic shot at playing again during this season.

There was always another factor, though. If the Jets were unable to remain in playoff contention and have at least a respectable record by mid-December, what motivation would Aaron Rodgers have to come back?

It is apparently a non-factor for Rodgers. According to Jay Glazer on FOX’s Thanksgiving morning show, the quarterback is attempting to make a comeback whether the Jets have anything to play for or not. Glazer’s report sounded more like Rodgers was interested in making the comeback for his personal reasons, to prove to everyone that he could achieve what he set out to do.

Which Game Would Be Feasible For A Comeback?

If he does make a comeback, which will be his first game in action? He won’t be ready to go for either of the next two games, which puts the first possibility as December 10th against the Texans. They’ll play the Dolphins on the 17th, and then the Commanders on Christmas Eve.

It is still outlandish to think about. In the videos we’ve seen of Aaron Rodgers lately, he is walking without a pronounced limp, but he is far from moving naturally or being able to plant a pivot like a quarterback is required to do. He is working hard behind the scenes and there is the possibility of him surprising us all, but New York’s offensive line had better work on keeping him upright if he does return.

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