NBA: Draymond Green Goes Off On Jusuf Nurkic On Latest Podcast

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The latest person to experience beef and drama with Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is Jusuf Nurkic. In his first season with the Phoenix Suns, Nurkic was on the receiving end of one of Green’s outbursts, the backhanded slap that resulted in a suspension for Green that included anger management therapy.

NBA: Draymond Green Goes Off On Jusuf Nurkic

Green has been back for some time now and was in action when the Warriors squared off against the Suns last Saturday, a game that added more fuel to the fire between the two sides.

During a close game in the third quarter, Nurkic took the ball in the post and backed Green down in the paint. He hit a turnaround shot over him, which was followed by an emphatic slapping of the court and two separate “too small” gestures that were surely directed at Green. But no more than 45 game seconds later, Green had the same fate with Nurkic guarding him, and returned the favor by slapping the floor in a retaliation after a made basket.

The two went back and forth with small quips in the media after the game, but Draymond Green finally got the chance to sit down and give a full response on the latest episode of his podcast. He spent a full four minutes talking about the subject.

“You’re just not good enough. You’re not good enough offensively. You have Steph Curry on post-ups and you got nothing…quite frankly you’re just not good enough to do things like that.”

Green Refers To Nurkic As “The Clown” & “Little Guy”

Green calmly explained the entire situation, play-by-play, and offers his response and explanation. During the rant, Green decided to refer to Nurkic, repeatedly, as “the clown”.

“The little guy, like I said, goes into the media complaining like I did something to him as if he didn’t do the too small celebration. And then he starts to question my character. What a coward. You go questioning character about a basketball game that you just lost, that you just got destroyed in. The only thing you should talk about his how you got punished.”

Nurkic is just the latest victim to have a beef with Draymond Green throughout the vocal 33-year-old’s career. The Warriors and Suns won’t face off again during the regular season, as Saturday’s game was the 4th and final matchup for the two sides. Phoenix finished with a 3-1 record in the four contests.

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