LOOK: Brock Purdy Has Insane Cast On After Elbow Surgery

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https cdn.cnn .com cnnnext dam assets 221214142302 brock purdy celebrate 49ers bucs

The quarterback situation for the San Francisco 49ers is one of the more intriguing positional battles in the NFL, given how talented and Super Bowl-ready the rest of the roster is. One of the biggest stories in the league last year was Brock Purdy and his unlikely run, and the disastrous end to the season for both team and player.

His name was never supposed to be known during the 2022 season. But due to injuries tearing through the quarterback room for the 49ers, Purdy was thrust into the starting role as a rookie after being selected with the very last pick in the draft.

Brock Purdy Has Massive Brace On After UCL Surgery



The 49ers were hot when Purdy took over, and they didn’t miss a beat with him under center. The team didn’t lose again in the regular season, solidifying themselves as one of the top teams in the NFL despite their rotation and question marks with their pass throwers.

The team was rolling, and made it all the way to the NFC Championship game against the Eagles. But disaster struck in that contest. Early in the first quarter and with the 49ers already trailing, Purdy was hit on a blitz from Haason Reddick. The contact was made as Purdy entered his throwing motion, and Reddick’s target was the arm. The ball was jarred loose and resulted in a turnover, but San Francisco had bigger problems.

Purdy was injured. He was seen on the sidelines telling coaches that he couldn’t throw. He would miss the rest of the game while the 49ers scrambled to find someone to play quarterback in the most important game of the season.

49ers Will Have Quarterback Decisions To Make

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Ultimately, it was revealed that Purdy had torn the ULC ligament in his elbow and would need surgery to repair the damage.

The surgery has apparently been completed, as evidenced by the massive brace on Purdy’s arm in the latest photos of him.

In a photo taken with a fan at what appears to be a brewery or distillery, Purdy posed with his new attire. It looks like something out of one of the Terminator movies, with straps up and down the right arm and a metal bar holding them all in place. Near the elbow is a spring or coil that looks downright robotic.

It is unknown whether or not Brock Purdy will be ready for the training camp or even the regular season. There is hope, but the surgery itself was delayed due to inflammation, setting his timetable back a bit further.

What the 49ers decide to do will be an interesting talking point. Purdy is of course on the roster, and the team still has assets wrapped up in Trey Lance. Sam Darnold was also added to the mix this off-season, and it is unlikely that he agreed to be brought in as the team’s third quarterback option.

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