Three teams who could trade back in the 2024 NFL Draft next week

Monti Ossenfort Cardinals pic
Monti Ossenfort Cardinals pic

In less than a week, the 2024 NFL Draft will be happening in Detroit, Michigan. This year’s class is full of talent at the top of the draft. There are some major QB and WR prospects expected to be taken in the first 15-20 picks. With the draft so close, general managers around the league have been in contact with each other about trade-back scenarios. 

There are several teams in this year’s draft who have been rumored to trade back. They include the Cardinals, Giants, and Dolphins. Teams want to be prepared to trade back on draft night. General managers are doing their homework now so they’re not left trying to get a last-minute deal done. Coming into the draft with trade-back scenarios in place is being a step ahead of the game. Will the Cardinals, Giants, or Dolphins trade back next Thursday?

What team out of the Cardinals, Giants, and Dolphins is most likely to trade back on draft night?

1. Arizona Cardinals

After finishing 4-13 in 2023, the Cardinals landed the 4th pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. This is an extremely valuable draft position for Arizona. They have the chance to take the first non-QB off the board. Presuming three QBs go in the first three picks. There’s a likelihood of that happening. However, the Cardinals could also trade back with a team that is looking to take a QB in the first round. Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy is a player a lot of teams would like to trade up for if he’s still available. With a second pick in the first round this year, Arizona is in a great position to trade back if the situation presents itself.

2. New York Giants

The Giants have an interesting dilemma on their hands this offseason. With the sixth pick in the 2024 Draft, several scenarios could happen for New York. They could use a new franchise QB or WR and that could very much be there for them at six. However, general manager Joe Schoen has made it known that New York would be willing to trade back if the deal was right. Depending on who’s available at six, there could be teams still wanting to trade up and take one of the top QBs. Even at six, the Giants might be able to get a solid haul if the right player is still available.

3. Miami Dolphins

At pick #21, the Miami Dolphins are not guaranteed to get a game-changing player. Additionally, the team has only six picks in this year’s draft. Two of them are before the fifth round. This leaves Miami in a perfect position to get some more draft assets if they trade back. Miami could use a few second or third-round picks to get some quality players who can fill a void on the roster. There could be QB talent at the end of the first round that other teams want to trade up for. The Dolphins could cash in on that opportunity. We’ll have to wait until next Thursday and see what happens in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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