Lakers Big 3 Is Better Than Suns New Trio, According To Nick Wright

rsz austin reaves lebron james 032023
rsz austin reaves lebron james 032023

Nick Wright has always been partial to LeBron James in his takes, and he is relentless is hyping up the player who he believes to be the greatest of all time. On Monday, he gave an opinion on the current state of James’ Lakers team, and how they stack up against other trios around the league.

Nick Wright: Lakers Have Better Trio Than The Suns

When thinking about a “big 3” in today’s NBA, they usually consist of three stars. It started with James’ Miami Heat teams that featured Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, and there have been many iterations around the league since. The 2023-24 season will be no different, as there have been some new trios that have been formed.

Wright took some time during Monday’s taping of First Things First to rank the top five trios in the NBA, and there was an “expected surprise” at the end of his list.

Wright starts from the bottom at number 5, naming the Suns as the team designated for that spot. He draws the ire of his co-hosts on the show, which grows even louder as he gives his number 4 team. It is the Lakers that Wright lists next, saying that the combination of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Austin Reaves is better than that of Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal.

Reaves Will Command Big Money On Open Market

Chris Brussard wonders aloud if Reaves can even qualify as a member of a big 3, to which Wright responds, “He’s about to get 100 million bucks.”

The rest of Wright’s list makes sense, and is done with the notion that Damian Lillard will be traded to the Miami Heat (they’d be #2 behind Jokic/Murray/Gordon). The Milwaukee Bucks come in third.

It may be too early to give Reaves his flowers on being a part of any big 3. He came on strong this last season and became one of the Lakers go-to options despite having two superstars on the roster, and he’ll likely be signing a hefty contract this off-season. But he averaged 13 points and 3.4 assists in 2022-23, hardly the stat line to be considered a star player.

We have yet to hit free agency, so it is possible that there is further player movement to create even more formidable trios. Reaves may not even be a part of the Lakers’ plans, as it is thought that he will command more money on the open market than Los Angeles can afford.

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