Jordan Love Is The Best QB In The NFL, According To Jaire Alexander

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Jordan Love has some big shoes to fill this season and beyond. He will be the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers for the 2023 season after the departure of Aaron Rodgers, and his teammates are already singing his praises. And hitting the high notes in doing so.

Jordan Love Is The NFL’s Best QB, According To Jaire Alexander

Love has faced an uphill battle in becoming the starter ever since he was drafted back in 2020. There were always rumors about Aaron Rodgers eventually wanting out, but the quarterback still had some MVP juice left in his tank and wasn’t at all willing to concede the starting job.

So Jordan Love was forced to wait. He maintained his listing at #2 on the depth chart, and saw limited action, which mostly came in relief of Rodgers in blowouts. Over his three-year career, Love has appeared in 10 games and started one. He has completed 50 of 83 passes for 606 total yards, and has an equal number of touchdowns as interceptions (3). He did not take a snap during his rookie season.

This is apparently enough to convince his teammate that he is the best quarterback in the NFL. Adam Schefter tweeted out a graphic featuring Love’s face and a quote from Packers’ cornerback Jaire Alexander.

“Best QB in the league”


It appears to be a bold claim, but not as much when considering the source. Alexander has been known for his trash talk, both on the field and in front of the cameras, and is good for the viral quote every once in a while.

Alexander Is Known For His Quotes

Just last season, Alexander went back and forth with Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson in the media leading up to their matchup, one which Alexander got the best of. There was also an incident with Stefon Diggs earlier in the year.

So the cornerback is no stranger to making headlines with his words, but this is certainly the boldest of his claims.

It is hard to believe that it would be anything other than teammates hyping up one another during one of the slowest points on the NFL calendar. If he was looking to make a quote go viral, he succeeded. As it stands today, Jordan Love is listed at +3500 to win the 2023 NFL MVP award, which are the 14th shortest odds of any quarterback. Rodgers is +1400.

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