Jets Injury Report: Aaron Rodgers is eyeing a mid-December return for New York

Aaron Rodgers Jets no jersey pic
Aaron Rodgers Jets no jersey pic

The Jets went all-in this offseason and traded for Aaron Rodgers. New York knew they had a championship-caliber defense and all they needed was consistency on offense. Rodgers was supposed to provide that, but the 39-year-old tore his Achilles in Week 1 vs. the Bills. 

He’s been doing everything he possibly can to try and make a return for the Jets. At his age, returning from an Achilles tear seems highly unlikely. However, Rodgers is trying to defy those odds. According to NBC’s Melissa Stark, the four-time league MVP is eyeing a mid-December return if all goes well for himself and the team.

Aaron Rodgers continues to believe that he could make a return near the end of the season for the Jets

If Rodgers is able to pull this off, it has to be one of the craziest injury recoveries of all time. An Achilles tear is no joke, especially for a player who will turn 40 at the beginning of December. Aaron Rodgers’ return has been a topic of conversation in recent weeks. From the outside looking in, it’s hard to say just how likely his return really is.

At this point in the season, the biggest factor is the Jets’ postseason chances. After a loss to the Raiders on SNF in Week 10, the Jets are 4-5 this season. They now have roughly a 28 percent chance to make the playoffs in 2023. If New York is not going to make the postseason, there’s no reason for Rodgers to rush back from his Achilles tear. He signed a two-year deal and the Jets know they still have him for 2024.

At this time, all Rodgers can do is continue to work his way back to 100 percent. He cannot control the wins and losses while on the sideline. It would be an incredible story to see him return this season, but why risk it? He’s 39, about to be 40 in December. Rodgers certainly has a lot of pride as a player and wants to be there for his team. However, he needs to remember that he’ll have another chance next season to be the starter for New York.

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