EURO 2024: A Look At The Potential Earnings For Participating Teams This Summer

UEFA EURO 2024 1
UEFA EURO 2024 1

The most prestigious international cup competition in Europe, the European Championship aka EURO, returns with its 17th iteration this summer. Hosts Germany and the 23 most eligible national teams on the continent will battle for the coveted trophy over 51 matches between June 14 and July 14.

EURO 2024 will not only offer endless bragging rights but also massive payouts, giving teams more than enough incentive to push hard until the last blast of the whistle. Continue reading to learn how much money teams stand to make in Germany this summer.

A Breakdown Of EURO 2024 Payouts

According to SportsMole, a whopping €331 million ($359.69 million) will be up for distribution in EURO 2024 — the same as EURO 2020.

The 24 nations that have qualified for the tournament will receive €9.25 million ($9.97 million) right off the bat as participation bonus. Hosts Germany are the biggest winners here, as they did not have to go through the rigorous qualifiers to book a place in the continental extravaganza.

There will be 36 group-stage fixtures (6 groups) in EURO 2024. Each team will earn a cool €1 million ($1.08 million) as a bonus for winning a group stage fixture. A draw, meanwhile, is worth €500,000 ($538,812). UEFA will not give away any prize money for losing a game. So, a team will at least make €9.25 million ($9.97 million) if they crash out of the group stage after losing all three of their matches.

The 16 teams that make it into the Round of 16 will earn €1.5 million ($1.62 million) each as qualification bonus. Eight teams that get out of this round will each receive €2.5 million ($2.69 million) whereas semi-finalists will take home a massive €4 million ($4.31).

Winning the whole tournament will make a national team €8 million ($8.62 million) richer. The runners-up, meanwhile, will earn €5 million ($5.39 million).

What Is The Maximum A Nation Can Earn This Summer

If one of the 24 teams enjoy a perfect campaign, boasting a 100% win record, they can make a whopping €28.25 million ($30.44 million) at the end of it all. They will get €9.25 million ($9.97 million) for qualifying, €3 million ($3.23 million) for the three group-stage wins, €8 million ($8.62 million) for crossing three knockout hurdles, and finally, an additional €8 million ($8.62 million) for winning the final.

Of course, we are only considering tournament bonuses here. The actual payout will be significantly larger, as advertising revenues and promotional bonuses will also come into play.

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