DeAndre Hopkins Meeting With Patriots “Positive For Both Sides”

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DeAndre Hopkins became a free agent for the first time in his career last month when he and the Arizona Cardinals parted ways. It has been a few years since he was the dominant wide receiver that we knew him to be, but there is thought that he can still provide value around the league.

DeAndre Hopkins Has Positive Meeting With Patriots

While there are plenty of teams that are likely interested, Hopkins has only taken two meetings thus far. The first visit came with the Tennessee Titans. The team has been looking to upgrade at wide receiver since the departure of AJ Brown, as the depth chart is less than impressive as we approach training camp.

The second meeting took place just this week, and there are reports that it could be the last one for Hopkins.

The New England Patriots have never been known to go after the high-profile free agent, and one of the reasons for Tom Brady’s departure was the team’s failure to surround him with play making weapons. While DeAndre Hopkins is no longer what he once was, his signing with Bill Belichick and company would be an impressive step for the team.

According to MassLive, the meeting went well, and was described as “positive for both sides”. There have been reports that Hopkins might wait until the eve of training camp to make his decision, but Belichick would likely want to have his roster in place long before that.

Hopkins All Smiles During Visit

How much will Hopkins receive in a contract offer? There were rumblings around the league coming from NFL executives that didn’t believe that Hopkins had the necessary physical tools to demand big money. He is advancing in age, and there are concerns that he no longer has the speed burst to be an effective downfield threat.

But those same executives were quick to point out that he is still a crispy route runner and has some of the best hands in the league, and will still be known for making the impossible catches.

There is no immediate timeline on a decision from DeAndre Hopkins, but it will be a situation that will certainly be worth monitoring.

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