Big spending Liverpool, Ageing Chelsea, Fearsome United and more

Football bloggers are busy today. We have a wide array of topics on the plate, including last night’s win of Arsenal over Celtic, bitter journalists, the Champions League draw, and the obsession with younger players in the football community. Take your pick!

Bird scorned
Ageing, battle scarred, chippy, inarticulate. These are the adjectives that journalist Simon Bird used to describe Michael Owen after the latter snubbed him for an interview. Who’s bitter now?

Players rated
Aidan rates Arsenal and Celtic players after their recent match. Denílson Pereira Neves topped the list with an 8.5, while Bacary Sagna, Thomas Vermaelen and William Gallas all got 8s. Check out the ratings of other players.

Berbatov confident
Dimitar Berbatov is confident that no one in the Champions League would be keen to be drawn against Manchester United. Find out why.

Trouble at the Allianz Arena
After a their disappointing loss to Mainz, 2-1, in their last match, the flaws in Bayern’s defense are coming to light. The kings of German football need to step up their game and pull their team out of the bottom of the Bundesliga.

Johnson to get £139,000 a week
Hold your horses. This is not confirmed yet. But those who knew Liverpool and its mission against excessive spending would have a a cardiac arrest if they suspect any grain of truth behind this news.

Dive Eduardo Dive!
Andy posts a video of Mick Dennis’ opinion on Eduardo’s dive to win the penalty for the first goal of the Arsenal vs. Celtic game.

Championship League draw
With Liverpool sitting pretty on top of the league, it will face one team from three of the pots. Find out which teams are in the four pots and, while you’re at it, choose which team you want Liverpool to be drawn against.

Age doesn’t matter
It’s a common belief in football that only players under the age of 25 are capable of leading their teams to success. Blogger Kristian Downer disagrees and says that despite being an “aged” team, Chelsea has as much chance as any club to be on top of the Premier League.

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