Liverpool’s messy start, Vidic’s wife happy at Manchester, Chelsea badly beaten and more

It’s Liverpool’s turn to be out of the title race this week. Who’s next? Arsenal? Tottenham (hah!)?

Let’s hope that we won’t see more players kicked off the park this week…

Darren Fletcher: Analysed
Elliott Tucker (of fame) takes to pen and paper (and actual game-watching) to explain just how good (or not) Darren Fletcher is.

Vidic denies being unhappy with United
After his agent allegedly said that he wants to move to Barcelona, Nemanja Vidic ended all rumours that he wants a transfer. The red defender also revealed that his wife is happy living in Manchester. Or rather, “it’s not true that she’s not happy.”

That Was Anfield
Brian Phillips gives a picture-perfect account of the game at Anfield.

Kung fu football
A hastily-arranged “friendly” between the Chelsea reserves and the United Arab Emirates’ Al Alhi descended into a farcical kicking contest after a rough foul or two. Early reports suggest that some Al Ahli brutally attacked Chelsea players with fists, kicks and eye-gouges, all caught on video (unreleased, of course).

Manchester City welcome Lescott
But at what cost? Kartik looks at the winners and losers from this deal.

Which Yolanda Cardona are we talking about?
I really hope this is the mother of Valdes’ child. Because a goody-two-shoes model…too easy, don’t you think?

Footballers and Cars
BD Condell on footballers and their cars.

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