Bayern’s Kahn smacks Schalke’s Larsen to the ground (video)

It’s like a scene out of a movie:

During the recent Bayern Munich vs Schalke 04 game, Bayern were 1-0 up when in the 68th minute, a cross was floated into Kahn’s penalty area.

Schalke’s striker Soren Larsen fouled Kahn (an arm across the face as both jumped for the ball) and the pair tumbled to the floor. As they got back up, however, Kahn turned around and flattened Larsen with a clothesline.

To be fair to the Bayern keeper, it was a clumsy move and looked like a bear hug gone wrong. Schalke players didn’t think so and the referee promptly booked the 37-year old Bayern captain, even though for a moment it looked like a red card offense. In hindsight (and after watching the video several times), the referee got it right.

If you watch the two replays in the clip, it looks as if Kahn hit out in anger but tried to stop himself as he hit Larsen. The result was a half-hearted blow that caught Larsen off-balance and landed him on his rear-end as Kahn immediately bent down to ask if he was ok.


“I over-reacted in the heat of the moment, after experiencing some pain. It didn’t look good on television.”

Here’s the YouTube clip:

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