According to Ron Rivera, some Commanders’ players are ‘concerned’ with Eric Bieniemy’s coaching style

Eric Bieniemy pic
Eric Bieniemy pic

For the past few seasons, the Washington Commanders have not been a high-scoring offense. That’s in part due to the QB play and coaches they’ve had in the past. This offseason, the Commanders went out and hired the Chiefs’ Eric Bieniemy to be their next offensive coordinator. 

Bieniemy was the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs from 2018-2022. The newest chapter in his coaching career takes him to Washington. According to head coach Ron Rivera, some players are “concerned” with Bieniemy’s coaching style. Rivera has said that a number of their players have experienced a “culture shock”.

Eric Bieniemy has made quite the impression on his new team, and not in the best way

Ron Rivera reported that some players have come up to him to discuss their issues with Eric Bieniemy. The Commanders’ head coach told his players to go to Bieniemy one-on-one to discuss what he want to see. While Rivera knows this is Bieniemy’s coaching style, he does think that he has some room to improve himself.

He noted that head coaching experience in the NFL helps you figure guys out. Rivera used defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio as an example. Head coaching experience is something that Eric Bieniemy lacks. Bieniemy coaching style has been derived as “very loud, very intense”. That coaching style might have worked in Kansas City, but he may have to ease up in his first season with the Commanders.

One could argue that these players are overreacting to some tough coaching. It might not be something they were used to on the Commanders in years past. Bieniemy was brought here to help improve their offensive attack. That’s what he plans to do whether his players are fans of his coaching style or not. The Commanders ranked 24th of our 32 in scoring last season.

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