10 reasons why Wolfsburg will win the Bundesliga

Let’s face it, sleep-deprived patents should rightly be treated with Friday-night Bundesliga games and word is, it is also highly popular among self-loathers, too. To falsify my hardly existing expectations – hello, it was S04 playing after all – Wolfsburg vs. Schalke was yet another typical, entertaining game, the bittersweet essence of the Bundesliga. Judge rules: clean cut 7.

I could ramble on for ten pages (front&back) about the shortcomings of the league truly represented by this game, but there is this one thing: you may never know what’s coming.

Two weeks ago, in the limelight of publicity I predicted Wolfsburg to be the champion. I know it’s a long shot and may be seen as a sign of idiocy an impulsive buy near the register, but sometimes you have to bet big – the house takes you long term.

Please, hear me out.

1. Bayern and Hamburg are still have (int.) cup-games to come yet, while VW don’t.

2. The Last German Striker (aka Klinsmann) doesn’t really enjoy the support of Hoeness, and it is never a good thing. Actually, it is a very bad thing.

3. Alain Migliaccio – the agent of Ribéry, a kind guy as he is informed us that both Barca and MU are eager to have Scarface on board. True or not, you can’t put the tooth paste back the tube and the player himself is not too hasty to confute the news with the anything can happen-type of statements. I can hardly wait to hear Kahn saying something clever about too many foreigners.

4. Bayern need a dozen of chances to… well, usually to equalize these days.

5. Motivated sellers only can win on a slowing market. Bayern seem to play leisurely with their crowns night-gowns on, have only Podolski as a third striker, and an invisible Schweini with a quite visible contract signed.

Leverkusen are known as Neverkusen for a reason, Hoff are peacefully going down with their stomach already full and HSV want to win with the least possible effort done. I am seriously serious: who the hell can take Hertha seriously?

Defiance, however, is a great motivation. Well, the earmark of defiant behaviour is that one steps up rebelliously, agressively and with irracional force against any higher power, which reminds me that Wolfsburg have Felix führungstrainer Magath.

6. His name brings us to football fitness and condition. Ob Felix Magath auch die Titanic gerettet hätte, weiß ich nicht – auf jeden Fall wären alle Ãœberlebenden topfit gewesen!as we read somewhere, so again, I have nothing against FC VW. On the other hand, Toni, Klose, Dr. van Bommel, Lucio, ZéRoberto, van Buyten and Oddo are already over thirty, listening to the tunes of Side B.

7. Fixtures – not too bad either. Hertha, HSV and Schalke are already done, the other derbies will be home games (11-1-0, 32-10).

8. The virgin section: may the Force be with Klinsmann, may Rangnick do all the math he needs, may Favre increase the moral up to the skies, may Labbadia and Babbel come out as the rookie of the year, and may Martin Jol do all the Godfather-impressions he wants, it is only Magath who has already got the Bundesliga job done.

9. Last season – as I recall, but might be both wrong and too lazy to look it up – Wolfsburg were the champion of the spring season, and this year they had an other go on the wasserstart-thing, while BM have started the new year with the sinking steps of a Holstein cow ready for calving.

10. Were it 2007 and was I praying for VfB Stuttgart, would anyone listen?

Ready to be judged.

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