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What we learnt on the 1st day of the Championship



It is a very bad idea to draw conclusions from the opening day of the season. Here we go:

  • 1. An open division
    You could dismiss all the upsets as opening day madness but they may be a sign of things to come. No team in this division stands far above the rest; expect more confusion and unpredictability.

  • 2. The Irons will not go without a fight
    Few believe Scunthorpe have a chance of surviving their second season in the Championship. An away victory at Reading, however, is further proof of the impressive resilience that Nigel Adkins has built into his side. Expect them to continue to cause problems.

  • 3. Crystal Palace’s academy is a prodigy factory
    Not for the first time, financial difficulty has forced Palace to gamble on youth. Not for the first time, some stunning prodigies have come to the fore. Wilfred Zaha (17) and Kieron Cadogan (19) put a smile on half of South London.

    While Palace is in many ways a case study in how not to run a club, its academy is a model to all.

  • 4. Strachan’s Scottish Solution is still a work in progress
    The plan was simple: buy talented SPL players and win the Championship. Today suggests it will be harder than that. Kris Boyd needs far better service if he is going to be prolific.

  • 5. Trouble ahead at Deepdale
    Darren Ferguson has taken a tough job at Preston. A big club with big expectations but a limited squad and limited resources. This lacklustre home defeat hints at a tough season.

p.s. What a start for the London clubs! QPR, Palace, Millwall and Watford all win and score 13 goals between them.