WATCH: 2023 Ryder Cup Marco Simone Golf Course Hole-By-Hole Guide

marco simone golf course NEW
marco simone golf course NEW

See below the Marco Simone Golf Course hole-by-hole guide for the 2023 Ryder Cup. You can also watch each hole below in a clever ‘flyover’ video that will give you a real taster for what lies ahead for the 24 Ryder Cup USA and European players.

Ryder Cup Marco Simone Golf Course Hole-By-Hole Guide

This week’s 2023 Ryder Cup Marco Simone Golf Course is a par 72.

Over the golf course’s 18 holes, there is a total of 10 Par 4 holes, with five of these being over the opening 6 holes.

There are also four Par 3’s, two each on the front and back nines – while the 24 Ryder Cup players will also be hunting down the Par 5’s – there are four of these.

Marco Simone Golf Course Holes

  • Par 3’s: 4
  • Par 4’s: 10
  • Par 5’s: 4

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HOLE 1: Slight dogleg left hole with a well-protected green and five bunkers dotted over the hole. The 11th hardest hole.
Par: 4
Distance: 407

HOLE 2: Another dogleg left hole that is deemed the hardest on the course and long for a par 4. Halfway down the fairway narrows, while with four fairway bunkers golfers will need to navigate their tee-offs here in order to attack the smaller green.
Par: 4
Distance: 435

HOLE 3: Another dogleg, but this time to the right. A long par 4 that is the third hardest on the course – to reach the green in two will require two carefully thought-out long approaches with the only two bunkers on the hole protecting the green.
Par: 4
Distance: 414

HOLE 4: The first of the four Par 3 hole and deemed the second easiest on the course. A fairway bunker should not come into play and seems to be there for looks rather than anything else, but there are two more sand traps around the green that are sure to suck some Ryder Cup balls into.
Par: 3
Distance: 172

HOLE 5: Back to the Par 4’s here and the first time we see some water. The ‘wet stuff’ appears to the left of the green, but this is a very short hole so you feel for many the ‘splash’ shouldn’t come into play much. The 13th hardest hole.
Par: 4
Distance: 344

HOLE 6: Another Par 4 and a hole that is slightly uphill – but straight. There is a bunker at halfway to the right of the fairway, but two others in front of the green will make the big-hitters think twice about trying to drive the dancefloor. This carries an index 15.
Par: 4
Distance: 348

HOLE 7: A long Par 3 here, that has two well-positioned bunkers to the front of the green. The flag position will be key to this kidney-shaped green, and for birdies to drop it might require a few long ones to be holed. The fifth hardest hole.
Par: 3
Distance: 203

HOLE 8: The second Par 5 and the 9th hardest hole on the course. There is water that runs all up the left side of the hole – starting with a small brook/river and opening up into a bigger lake around the green. The narrow fairway throughout will make things tricky so we could see some balls getting wet here.
Par: 5
Distance: 480

HOLE 9: Another Par 5 to end the front 9 with, but a much longer one than the previous one. It will be hard to reach this in two and even though there is water down the left, it’s minimal and should not come into play. The 7th hardest hole on the course.
Par: 5
Distance: 537

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HOLE 10: Par 4 that is an uphill dogleg right hole, with a small brook running all the way up the right side. There are four bunkers on the hole – three of which surround the small green. This is the 4th hardest hole on the course.
Par: 4
Distance: 414

HOLE 11: One of the easier holes on the course, being index 16. A short Par 4 and so one that will tempt the big-hitter in to trying for the green in one, but they will have to cut the dogleg (left) and go over a small brook too.
Par: 4
Distance: 301

HOLE 12: Back to a Par 5 here and this is just one yard short of 500 yards. The hole doglegs to the left and it’s littered with bunkers – with a total of 8 in total over the course. The 12th hardest hole on the course and one that players will need to plot their way round to par.
Par: 5
Distance: 499

HOLE 13: Par 3 and deemed the easiest hole on the course at just 137 yards. You want to be to the right of the hole, with the green rumoured to be extremely hard.
Par: 3
Distance: 137

HOLE 14: Par 4 that is a hard dogleft left hole that plays long. The 6th hardest hole on the course that has a well-positioned bunker halfway down the left side of the bunker.
Par: 4
Distance: 465

HOLE 15: Par 4 that is the second hardest hole on the Marco Simone Gold Course. It’s a long uphill hole, with a slight dogleg right feel to it. Four bunkers protect the green, while there are two (one big) on the right side of the fairway, so staying left off the tee is key here.
Par: 4
Distance: 438

HOLE 16: Another Par 4 that is one of the more scenic on the course. A brook runs through the middle of the fairway about two thirds down to make players think twice about trying for the green in one. There is also a bigger lake to the right of the green, so any big-hitters looking to hit the putting area in one will have to be spot-on. The more conservative players should have no trouble getting there in two though. The 10th hardest hole.
Par: 4
Distance: 322

HOLE 17: The second-to-last hole is a Par 3 and the 14th hardest on the course. A tricky hole with a water hazard running down the left side makes things harder, while hitting the right side of the green is the call.
Par: 3
Distance: 188

HOLE 18: The final hole is a long Par 5 that has 7 bunkers dotted over it. The long hitters will be able to hit the green in two with its wide fairway, but it will require some big and accurate plays as the green also has some water to the left.
Par: 5
Distance: 570

2023 Ryder Cup Info

  • ⛳ Golf Event: 2023 Ryder Cup
  • 📅 Date: Friday 29th September – Sunday 1st October 2023
  • 🕛 Time: Approx. 6:35AM (local time)
  • 📺 TV Channel: UK: Sky Sports Golf
  •  🏟  Venue: Marco Simone Golf Club | Rome, Italy
  • 🎲 Odds: USA +115 | Europe +100 | +1100

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WATCH: Every Hole At The Marco Simone Golf Course


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The Marco Simone Golf Course Distance: 6,674 Yards

The Ryder Cup players will also have to smack the ball 6,674 yards over each of the three rounds of the Marco Simone Golf Course.

There are just 6 yards between the front and back nines, with the first 9 holes over 3,340 yards, with the back nine being 3,334.

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