Warriors News: Will Chris Paul Come Off The Bench When Draymond Green Returns?

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rsz devin booker chris paul getty 1755355826

One of the biggest transactions of the NBA off-season was the trade made by the Golden State Warriors in shipping off Jordan Poole and bringing in Chris Paul. The aging point guard is one of the greatest to ever play his position, but is in the waning years of his career as he seeks his first championship ring. He joins a team whose fan base has considered him a sworn enemy for over a decade, adding another intriguing angle on the roster move.

Will Warriors Demote Chris Paul To The Bench?

It will take time for Paul to gel with the rest of the players on the Warriors roster, but things have been good so far. He hasn’t been shooting particularly well through the first two games of the year and is 0 for 8 from three so far, but he is bringing a new dynamic to Golden State’s attack, and is able to be a weapon on the floor whenever Steph Curry takes a breather. In Friday’s game against the Kings, Paul scored 10 points and dished out 12 assists, and added 3 steals as well.

But adjustments will have to be made soon, and head coach Steve Kerr will have some decisions to make as far as the rotations and starting lineup is concerned.

Franchise cornerstone forward Draymond Green has missed the first two games while nursing an ankle injury, which has allowed Paul to seamlessly fit in with the starters. He and Curry have been the starting guards while Klay Thompson has shuffled down into the small forward spot, and the Warriors have Andrew Wiggins playing out of position at power forward.

Draymond Green Set To Make His Return In Coming Days

Green is planning on making his return from injury on Sunday for Golden State’s game against Houston, and it is highly unlikely that they will have him come off of the bench. The team gave him a 4-year contract extension during the off-season and traded away some of their future in Poole in order to entice Green to return, and giving away his starting spot to Chris Paul likely wasn’t in the plans.

Paul has been wary of answering the question of whether he’d be okay with coming off of the bench. It is a demotion that he likely wouldn’t take kindly to, as it would be the first time in his career that he wasn’t a part of the starting lineup. But Golden State’s lineup without Green is just too small defensively, and has players playing out of position as well.

Paul might have no choice.

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