Your USA opinion: How do you feel about boss Jurgen Klinsmann?


This piece is an opinion article on USA manager, Jurgen Klinsmann, and the job he is doing for the national side. Usually I don’t write in a first-person perspective but recently I have seen a lot of conflicting theories from backlash against the German to praise for the job he’s doing, so lets open Soccerlens up to the readers and let you have your say.

It’s always great to hear the varied points of view out there and the interesting insights.

USMNT starting eleven, Candlestick Park

Personally I have loved watching the USA recently, they have a fantastic tenacity and attacking nature to their play, whilst also being difficult to penetrate defensively. There is simply one way to achieve this, no matter how clever or crafty your tactics may be: hard work.

Teams that cover every inch of grass on the field always endear themselves to me because it is a philosophy I whole-heartedly agree with. I can’t stand lazy players, hence this team have warmed the cockles of my heart recently, with their gritty performances.

I am actually an Englishman but I have lived in the USA for years, therefore I have a fondness for both national teams (England will probably always be my number one). I feel that I have every right to support USA as fiercely as I do because I made the choice to move to this country and gave up a LOT to do so. I evaluated it as a nation and decided to leave behind my past and my family to relocate. So, whenever they play, I wear my USA shirt with pride.


Since being knocked out of the World Cup finals, I have heard many opinions about Jurgen Klinsmann, from the lovers to the haters, so lets hear how you feel in the comments below.

Has Klinsmann revolutionized this team and given them the fight that saw them make it past Portugal and to a close run finish against Belgium? Or were the players entirely to thank for clubbing together and playing their hearts out?

There are also those that don’t feel America were successful in Brazil. Do you feel that the hype is way over-rating an average group of players that played poorly and rode their luck to get as far as they did? Was it Portuguese failures, not USA’s accomplishments, that led them out of the Group of Death?

Do you think the World Cup winner (as a player) was right to leave Donovan home or was it just a petty, personal grudge that he allowed to wrongly cloud his judgement? Was it a master-stroke to select Julian Green or the actions of a bumbling fool?

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