Tom Brady Is Still Controlling NFL Ticket Prices In Retirement

Oldest Super Bowl Players
Oldest Super Bowl Players

Tom Brady will be enjoying the first year of his retirement during the 2023 NFL season, but he is still affecting ticket prices in multiple stadiums throughout the league.

A ticket to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play last season was the 5th most expensive in the league, on average. The team was mediocre in their performance, but Brady was still under center for what many speculated could have been his final year. It was, and now that he’s gone, those prices have plummeted.

Tom Brady Still Affecting NFL Ticket Prices

According to TickPick on Twitter, tickets to Bucs game this coming season run at an average of $179 per, which is now the third-cheapest in the NFL. There are questions about what the team is going to do at quarterback, and they play in one of the most lackluster divisions in the sport.

But that isn’t the only ticket market that Tom Brady has had an effect on.

The most expensive median price for any game for the upcoming season is $1,165. It is the season opener on September 10th, and it will be a home game for the New England Patriots as they play host to the defending NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles. While the Patriots promise to be a mediocre team on the field, it will be the ceremonies of the night that people will be buying tickets for.

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The team is scheduled to have a celebration to honor Tom Brady. The man who led the most successful dynasty that the league has ever seen will be in the house that evening, and will be getting his flowers from the city that he helped bring to glory for the last 20 years.

Most of the other high-priced games for this coming season are taking place in Las Vegas. The Raiders have been one of the hottest draws over the past couple of years with their new location and state-of-the-art stadium, and this year will be no different. After the Patriots/Eagles contest, the game between the Raiders and New York Jets is the most expensive. It will feature Aaron Rodgers and his first trip out west with his new team, and he’ll be going up against former teammate Davante Adams for the first time.

Games being played in Los Angeles featuring the Chargers or Rams make up the rest of the top-10 most expensive tickets, except for the Cowboys/Jets game in Week 2.

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