Tennessee Titans Expected To Trade Up And Take A QB


The Tennessee Titans, like many NFL teams, are always on the lookout for the next franchise quarterback to lead their team to success. They are projected to trade up in the draft to select a quarterback.


With the recent performances of Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the organizations lack of confidence in Malik Willis, the team may want to draft a QB in a really talented QB class.

The team may be looking to trade up to the third overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft in order to select a quarterback.The third overall pick is currently held by the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona has been rumored to be willing to trade down in order to acquire more draft picks. This presents a potential opportunity for the Titans to make a move and secure their future quarterback.


There are several quarterbacks in this year’s draft who are projected to be first-round picks, including Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson. While Young and Stroud are expected to be the top two QBs off the board. The Titans may have their eyes set on one of the remaining quarterbacks like Levis or Richardson.

If the Titans do decide to trade up, they will likely need to give up a significant amount of draft capital in order to acquire the third overall pick. However, if they believe that they can find their franchise quarterback in this year’s draft, it may be worth the cost.

The Titans will have to compete with the emerging Jaguars in the division. They are currently +225 to make the playoffs according to Tennessee sportsbooks. Maybe getting a franchise QB to compete with Trevor Lawrence is a step in the right direction for the Titans.

It’s also possible that the Titans may choose to stay put with their current draft position and select a quarterback later in the draft. They currently hold the 11th overall pick. The top quarterbacks may be taken if they stay put.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen what the Titans will decide to do in the upcoming draft. However, the possibility of trading up to the third overall pick to select a quarterback is certainly an intriguing possibility for the Titans.

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