Teams Have “Non-Football” Issues With QB Prospect Stetson Bennett

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rsz stetson bennett celebration credit mark j rebilas usa today sports e1660860024587

Stetson Bennett provided one of the most feel-good stories that we have had in recent college football memory over the last couple of years.

He went from being a walk-on to leading his team to back-to-back National Championship titles, an unlikely story that has people wondering what he will do for an encore, and if there will be any NFL team interested in his services or not.

NFL Teams Have Concerns About Stetson Bennett

Simply from a football standpoint, it doesn’t appear that Bennett is turning the heads of a lot of football scouts. He was never applauded for his big play passing tendencies or his sharp quarterback IQ that allows him to read defenses.

Instead, it was said that Bennett was carried by an all-time great defense and great positional skill player surrounding him on the offensive side. It is hard to argue with the stats though, as Bennett was able to throw for over 4,000 yards in 2022 and had 27 touchdowns to 7 interceptions.

According to the sports books and oddsmakers, it is very likely that Stetson Bennett doesn’t get drafted at all, as “undrafted” comes in with a like of +160, while being a 6th or 7th round pick comes in at a more distant +400.

There are apparently more things to worry about than just his lack of big time on the field skill. Bennett has also run into some trouble off of the field, and those issues could make teams wary of adding him to their rosters.

Public Intoxication Charge Could Cloud Bennett’s Situation

Bennett was arrested in January on a count of public intoxication, an incident in which police body cameras showed Bennett accusing the cops of making up a “new, pretend law” that would ruin his reputation. There were also red flags raised during his interview process at last month’s NFL combine.

Will there be any team that takes a flier on Stetson Bennett? Having two national championships attached to his name will certainly be helpful for the resume, but his lack of next-level skill is almost glaring, and the legal charges only make it more difficult for teams to justify selecting him (or signing him as a free agent.)

The NFL Draft begins on Thursday of next week and will last through the weekend. Keep an eye on Day 3 if you think Bennett has a chance of being selected, and an eye on the undrafted rookie pool should no one pick him.

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