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Welcome to the new Soccerlens Forum.

The forum is for SL readers to rant about football with minimal editorial control. In other words, as long as you’re nice to each other and you’re talking about football, anything goes.

Head over to the forum, sign up and start posting!

What about the blog?

The blog, as you might have noticed, has changed a bit in the last couple of months. I’m looking more at longer, non-news articles with less emphasis on covering the daily grind. Yes, there will always be news analysis on the blog but you won’t get much ‘reporting’ here. For that, you have the forum.

There will still be guest contributions and you’re always welcome to write on SL – mind you though that I’m looking more towards helping serious fans get their own blogs started (like we’ve already done with man utd blog, the newcaslte united blog and the barca blog).

What will the forum have?

Several things will eventually be pushed from the blog to the forum (where they are more relevant) – readers can easily start and discuss the latest transfer rumours, share football videos, share kit pics, and discuss matches when the season starts.

It’s all about giving the readers more opportunities to interact and share on SL…or something like that.

Help promote the forum

You can help promote the forum by showing the image above on your blog / site / forum and linking it to the SL forum. See how we’ve done it here at SL in the sidebar? Barring that, a quick post on your favourite forums and on your blog will do too.

All right, that’s enough talking, see you in the SL forums. 🙂

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