Manchester United Look East for New Sponsor, The Football Glossary to End All Football Glossaries, Rafa Signed Raul, and more

My significant other works as a dispatcher for a local police station. Almost every day, she’ll get at least one call involving a criminal who left his brain on the dresser.

Wednesday’s dumbest criminal was a convenience store employee who thought that his knowledge of his store would work to his advantage when he came in to rob it. But what he failed to take into consideration was that the person working in the store would recognize his voice. So much for needing to put in a two weeks’ notice, eh?

With the way the economy is right now, I imagine plenty of people have been tempted to turn to thievery. But if it’s houses that you want to pilfer, I suggest you know the lay of the land beforehand, because you might get things very, very wrong.

Thrifty spender that I am (sometimes), I look at flights as robbery of another kind, but that doesn’t stop plenty of other people from going that route. Manchester United may be looking to the friendly skies for their next shirt sponsor. If this happens, will AirAsia travelers have barf bags with the Manchester United crest on them? If so, I can only imagine how a Manchester United player would react if someone excitedly came up to him to sign it (hopefully not used), and how much said signed barf bag would go for on eBay.

As is the case with his former club, David Beckham drives plenty of people bananas and makes other people want to regurgitate them, with the latter likely applying to a few MLS fans right about now. Becks’ winter-long training session with AC Milan is about to come to an end, unless the Rossoneri decide to fork over some invisible money. Stuck (hah!) in the middle of it is Becks, who has unashamedly made known where he wants to be. Can’t expect that to sit well with everyone.

Beckham has no doubt attracted at least a few new football fans over the years, but there are many who haven’t the slightest idea what they’re watching. If you are indeed a novice to the beautiful game (thanks for dropping by!), forget reading one of those ‘Dummies’ books. This is all you need.

To help further aid your football knowledge, here’s an excellent piece for the football history buffs out there, and a fine lesson to those who think only the big clubs are the ones that matter.

With the first half of the Champions League round of 16 in the books, attention for some turns to the UEFA Cup, where, as opposed to in the CL, things aren’t looking good for the English contingent. Martin O’Neill’s forcing me to put my money on CSKA Moscow, while Harry Redknapp is looking to Sunday’s Carling Cup final against Manchester United.

Maybe Rafa Benitez really was responsible for one of the greatest signings ever, and maybe he wasn’t. Whatever the case, something that is not up for debate is that Liverpool can be pretty good when they want to be, especially when it’s a ‘Champions’ in front of the ‘League.’

Of course, their latest domestic stutter might have helped put an end to any hopes of title race drama. But as predictable as the title race in the Premier League has become once again, there’s a battle at the bottom worth watching.

Last, but certainly not least, The Gaffer at EPLTalk has compiled a list of the top 10 football bloggers. Look who’s on the list. Take a bow, mate!

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