Arsenal and Liverpool Shoot Themselves in the Foot, A Future Legend Is Born, Scottish Football Writers Get Duped, and more

February, as short on days as it may be, certainly hasn’t been short on twists, turns, and headlines. Unfortunately for some, the headlines haven’t always been good, and that was the case over the weekend.

But, we’ll start with the good. Chelsea were battling recent history when they went to Aston Villa on Saturday, but they came away from Villa Park with a much-needed 1-0 victory. Hopefully you caught the action with Victor’s live match commentary. He’ll be here all week. No, really, he will be.

Disappointing as it is to lose third, Villa are still sitting relatively pretty, thanks to Arsenal’s generosity against Sunderland. Arsenal dumping Arsene might only be the stuff of fiction, but there’s only so much disappointment one can dole out before the masses start getting restless.

Still, they’re not nearly as generous as Liverpool. Not to say that things are over, because stranger things have happened, but the fat lady is starting to warm up. So, 3-1 to Liverpool at the Bernabeu then? That sounds about right, given their penchant for following a great performance with a dud, and vice versa. Follow their latest attempt to frustrate or placate with the live match commentary on Wednesday.

When Roque Santa Cruz became the man to finally breach Manchester United’s defense in a league match, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if they’d conceded another one quickly. Alas, they still picked up the three points, but Sir Alex Ferguson would’ve liked for it to be sewn up a lot earlier, what with Inter Milan on the horizon. You’ll also be able to follow that Champions League round of 16 tie with our live match commentary.

All in all, it’s been a rough weekend on the predictions front, but thankfully, there’s still Hull-Tottenham. Spurs have to win away again sooner or later, right?

His grandfather is one of the best, if not the best, talent to grace a football pitch, and his father is one of the best forwards in Europe. What’s that weighing down your tiny little shoulders, little Leo? Great expectations, and not the book…though it is about that heavy, actually.

If you’re looking for a nice pick-me-up to start your week off, the babes blog is at your service with a nice compilation of videos from the vivacious and voluptuous Sara Varone. Already feeling better? Thought so.

Or, if you’re more into a nice British woman, try to get your hands on that glossy new Gemma Atkinson ’09 calendar. It’s still only February, so you have plenty of new months to look forward to.

I imagine there might be a few of our readers who use their computers for little more than looking at naughty things or playing Football Manager, but if you do get caught looking at any of the above women while at work, take comfort that there’s someone always worse off than you are. If there’s anything that the Masal Bugduv hoax should’ve taught football journalists something, it’s that their over-exuberance and gullibility can be fully taken advantage of by those with twisted senses of humor. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, get my sexual orientation questioned by my co-workers.

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