Promotion/Relegation for Major League Soccer?, Top 10 Divers in Football, Cesc Spit Row Continues, and more

While you try to find a way to join the club and sue West Ham, catch up on what else you may have missed on Wednesday.

Could MLS Expansion Open the Way for Promotion/Relegation?

With the addition of franchises in Philadelphia and two more cities soon to be named, MLS is expanding to an 18-team league over the next couple of years. Could a promotion/relegation system work with an 18-team MLS?

MLS Season-Opening Predictions

The 2009 MLS season gets underway today, and we’ve got predictions for all of the action over the next several days.

Top Ten Divers in Football

Who are the masters of the football flop? The Oscar goes to…

The Gloves Come Off in the Collymore v. The Spoiler Feud

If you haven’t read by now, The Spoiler and Stan Collymore disagree over Nicklas Bendtner’s merits as the player of the weekend last weekend, to the point where Collymore invited The Spoiler onto his radio show for a friendly discussion.

European Super League: Good or Bad Idea?

The idea of a European Super League comprised of Europe’s biggest clubs is refusing to go away. Should it be considered, or should it be tossed into the trash bin?

Fan Shoots Player Dead in Iraq

When a player was about to score an equalizer in a derby match in Iraq over the weekend, a fan of the opposition thought he’d take matters into his own hands. Is it an isolated incident, or do football fans need to collectively take a chill pill?

Spit-Gate Intensifies

Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas has been accused of spitting by Hull manager Phil Brown, and as you would expect, opinions vary from one end of the spectrum to the other. Is Brown a little liar, or is the press trying to protect Fabregas?

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