Manchester City Step Up Kaka Chase, Newcastle Bidders Pull Out, A Little Prescription Inspiration, and more

I must admit that I feel a little let down by the results of the third round of the FA Cup. Sure, there was Nottingham Forest’s whipping of Manchester City, and Hartlepool’s defeat of Stoke could be considered an upset as well, but overall, it was a letdown compared to last year’s upset-laden third round.

But being the hopeful and adventurous man I am, I thought I’d put a little money on Southend to knock off Chelsea at Roots Hall, but knowing that Chelsea’s best performances this season have been away from home, I should’ve known better, right?

That was a bit of a downer for my day, but Wednesday certainly wasn’t a good day for Coleen Rooney. First her brother gets arrested in connection with the Steven Gerrard nightclub assault situation, and then her hubby injures his hamstring minutes after scoring the opener for Manchester United (who have announced their 2009 tour of Asia). If you’re going to be in one of those cities come mid-to-late July, don’t miss out.

At least she’s not a Newcastle United fan, otherwise she might be a little upset that the American group that was set to make a bid for the club is now out of the running thanks to being one of many who lost money due to the dirty dealings of Bernard Madoff. Their loss? $300 million, which would’ve covered an official bid that would havce had a good chance of being accepted.

I’ll venture a guess and say that Manchester City’s owners didn’t go anywhere near Mr. Madoff, and even if they had, they have more than enough money to not have to worry about losing a few billion. At least 100m is set aside for a bid for Kaka, who they will desperately try to add to their list of January transfers. You certainly have to respect their ambition, but they need a complete team and a manager that can get the most out of that team.

And if said talented team isn’t playing up to their abilities, especially in front of the home crowd, it’d be a little much to expect every spectator to sit on their hands with their lips sealed.

That’s an issue that Harry Redknapp appears to have with some of his current players at Tottenham, and when the troops don’t bring their all into battle, you can’t expect the townspeople to be pleased, right?

But as it happens, the solution for er, getting the squad up for the fight, could be solved by a little blue pill. Now that’s a hell of a way to create some space on a corner kick.

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