Ron’s ‘Secret’ Real Deal, Bendtner Babbles to Bolton, Cassano Tells All, and more

Since today’s the 13th, time is short. I’ve got lottery tickets to buy and a casino trip to make. But before I go do all that, I have to bring you today’s roundup. Has anyone seen my lucky rabbit’s foot…?

Perhaps the luckiest man on earth right now, or at least until I hit the lottery, is Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s just been crowned the FIFA World Player of the Year, but more important, he walked away unscathed after a car crash in which he could’ve been seriously injured. Oh, and he can have women like this whenever he pleases.

He’s still being coveted by Real Madrid, and with impeccable timing, the rumors of him secretly agreeing a deal with Real are back again. The source gives this one a lot more credibility than the previous one, but agreeing terms with the player is one thing, but agreeing terms with the club is another. It might be a formality that he’ll sign on the dotted line at some point, so let time take its course.

Here’s some news that Ronaldo may be watching with interest. Portugal and Spain have announced a joint bid to host the World Cup in 2018. I certainly wouldn’t mind spending a couple of weeks of my summer in those two lovely locales.

One player who could be trying to work his way into a transfer is Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner, who supposedly divulged some precious information to the opposition prior to Saturday’s match against Bolton. Does he have it out for Arsene Wenger and his teammates, or did he just harmlessly mention who the team would be? Maybe someone’s just trying to stir something up, but if he knowingly told, that’s not cool. Then again, he might have been trying to set himself up to be the hero, and if so, it worked.

Another Premier League striker who might be trying to undermine his team’s efforts is Chelsea’s Didier Drogba, whose apparent lack of heart isn’t going unnoticed by pundits and Chelsea supporters alike. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, Didier.

Manchester United have been hit by the news that Patrice Evra is going to miss the next three weeks due to a foot injury suffered on Sunday. Could it be that he injured himself in celebrating the second goal that he set up? That’s why you can never go wrong with the stalwarts that are the fist pump and the pat on the back (or backside).

United are the reigning European champions, but are they the best team in Europe right now? It’s hard to argue with the way that Barcelona have completely distanced themselves from the chasing pack in La Liga, but we’ve got a lot of football to play yet.

Athlete biographies/autobiographies can make for some pretty dull reading, but when it comes to the talented and temperamental Antonio Cassano, you can count on the opposite.

One of the perks of being a top footballer that Cassano took advantage of was being able to bed beautiful women on a regular basis. Perhaps he made the rounds with her and her?

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