Luiz Felipe Scolari Gets Sacked, Tony Adams Does Too, Steve Bennett Runs Off at the Mouth, and more

It was going to be another boring Monday, filled with weekend recaps, talk about the upcoming international ‘break,’ and some funny comments about this one thing or that.

And then Chelsea just had to go and sack Luiz Felipe Scolari. It’s the talk of the ‘net and everywhere else, from here, naturally, to here, naturally as well, to here, and briefly here too. And about 3,968,275 other places as well.

As we have to in times like these, we must engage in the obligatory finger-pointing (in multiple directions), and then we have to talk about what’s next. You can’t help but mention the man doing the best managerial job in the Premier League, but among the more ‘realistic’ options, you can take your pick – there’s an adopted Russian, a couple of retreads, a couple of former Chelsea players, and a couple of managers who were sacked from their last jobs. But for now, they’re stuck with this guy.

In less attention-grabbing and unsurprising, but still sack-related news, Portsmouth’s Tony Adams got the boot too. Was it the right time for it to happen? I can’t say I’m really surprised, and Adams shouldn’t be either, even if though he can’t be held responsible for all that’s wrong with Pompey right now. Not that my opinion matters or anything, but I’m just saying.

There is actually more in the news besides the sacking of Premier League managers…I think. If you haven’t gotten your fill of Michel Platini’s attempts to right all that is wrong with European soccer, another one could be in the pipeline in the near future. Can’t say it’s a bad idea.

There’s a very good reason why a certain Mr. O’Neill is being mentioned with the now-vacant Chelsea job. I don’t see him taking it, at least not during the season, because that’d be a crushing blow to Villa, and why leave the perfect situation for the complete opposite? Just my two cents.

Referees have gotten in the news for a lot of the wrong reasons this season, and while this might be some unwanted attention for Steve Bennett, it confirms something that we should have known already.

And because I spent the majority of today’s roundup being all serious, I thought I’d make up to you at the end. In honor of Brazil and Italy’s friendly showdown at Wembley, how about checking out some of the best that each country has to offer?

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