Messi Gives Props to Ronaldo, Is It Time Up for Wenger?, Ashley Cole Gets Drunk and Stupid, and more

As quickly as it came in, another week has come and gone. And while many of you will be trying to speed through your Friday so that you can run off and commit all sorts of debauchery, take some time to catch up with what you missed on Thursday. Not like you’ll remember any of it later…

Ban Manchester United from Cup Finals?

Manchester United have made a habit of making domestic cup finals over the last several years, and at least one fan is tired of seeing it.

Messi Says Ronaldo Deserved Awards

Lionel Messi may have missed out on the major awards in the last couple of seasons, but instead of being sore about coming up short to Ronaldo for last year’s awards, he says that the United star deserved bagged the hardware.

Manchester United’s Best XI of the Premier League Era

As unhappy as it makes plenty of people, United have dominated the Premier League era, and have done so with many great players. Does Ronaldo make the list?

The ‘Original’ Ronaldo Makes His Return

Lost in about 25,000 stories about Cristiano Ronaldo is the fact that the ‘other’ Ronaldo has finally made his return from a long injury layoff.

Where Has Aston Villa’s Confidence Gone?

Aston Villa have come back down to earth in the last couple of weeks, and if they want to keep Arsenal from fourth spot, they’re going to have to rediscover their confidence in a hurry.

Is It Time for Wenger to Go?

Maybe overtaking Aston Villa and finishing fourth will calm some people down, but Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal has certainly been a hot topic in what has been another disappointing season for the Gunners.

Manchester City Interested in Wenger?

If the Wenger era does happen to end at Arsenal after this season, could he wind up at Manchester City?

SL Shirts Blog Update

There are plenty of new kits on display at the shirts blog, including those of some of Wenger’s current players, and one that he could be managing next season if the above rumor comes to fruition.

Ashley Cole Gets Arrested

How do you celebrate doing a good deed? By getting plastered and then arrested, if you’re Ashley Cole.

But Hey, He Has a Hot Wife

Somehow, despite all of his transgressions, he’s still luckier than many people.

Peter Crouch Gives Back, Doesn’t Get Arrested

Peter Crouch is charitable as well, not to mention he also has a smokin’ significant other.

Athletic Bilbao Fan Thrusts Himself Into the Spotlight

As Ashley Cole’s example shows, being under the influence of alcohol can make you do some crazy things. After Athletic Bilbao routed Sevilla to reach the final of the Copa Del Rey, one exuberant (and likely inebriated…or maybe just very, very, very happy) Athletic Bilbao fan thought he’d take advantage of the news cameras, or the female news reporter, to get himself 15 seconds of fame.

Top 10 Football Riots

Air-humping a female news reporter isn’t the most savory way to get yourself on TV, but there are certainly worse – and much more violent – ways to do so. Take rioting, for example.

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