Laughing at with Stevie G, 2008 in Review, Big-Spending City Get Humbled, and more

Whoever said that crime doesn’t pay was quite wrong. It does pay, in loads of laughs for all. That is, unless you’re a rigid Liverpool fan.

In case you hadn’t heard by now, Steven Gerrard was arrested earlier in the week for getting a little physical with a DJ for not playing his favorite song. As you could imagine, he’s been the butt of many jokes this week, and now the inspiration for a top 10 list that even the man himself could crack a smile at (minus #4 and #10). I know, can’t pick a favorite either, right?

2008 may not have ended well for Stevie G, but it was a memorable year in football. Manchester United won the double, Spain were crowned kings of Europe, and Cristiano Ronaldo win almost every possible award, dally with a move to Real Madrid, and date around the globe, even on a bum ankle. Test yourself on your knowledge of the year in football with this not-so-short quiz, which isn’t your average year-in-review quiz. Try to do it without search engines or Wikipedia, I dare you!

2008 also saw Andrei Arshavin become one of the top two or three names mentioned in the transfer pages here on SL and everywhere else. Arshavin is back in the gossip pages on a regular basis again now, and while Arsenal may or may not have the money (depending on which Arsenal executive you want to listen to), but at least one Gunner thinks the Arse need to go for Arsh.

Let the spending begin! The January transfer window has opened, and as expected, Manchester City have gotten off to a fast start, signing Chelsea’s Wayne Bridge to beef up their defense. You have to wonder if he’d like the last several years of his life back, but I suppose he finally realized that even though he can regularly get into the England team without being a full-time starter, it’s not a bad thing to be #1.

Whatever the record is for most money spent in January, I’ll put a fiver on City to break it. Even so, there’s only so much money can do about getting taking one on the chin at home against lowly Nottingham Forest. Well, it can buy a new manager, but I digress.

All’s well that ends well though, City fans, because you can leave all worries behind by taking a look at this dandy dozen video compliation of the delicious Gemma Atkinson. You’re welcome.

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