Should Philadelphia’s Nick Siriani be worried about his job security after a 32-9 loss in the wildcard round?

Nick Siriani Eagles pic
Nick Siriani Eagles pic

After losing the Super Bowl last season, the Eagles had their sights set on making it back in 2023. Philadelphia started the season 10-1 and were first in the NFC. However, their second half of the season was a true collapse. The Eagles lost six of their last seven games and lost in the wildcard round of the playoffs. Tampa Bay beat them 32-9 in a game that never seemed close. 

With that playoff loss, the Eagles finished the season with an 11-7 record. There’s been talks going on for weeks now about the job security of Philadelphia’s Nick Siriani. He cannot be feeling great after the way his team’s season ended. The Eagles were a juggernaut in the playoffs last season. They were far from that against the Bucs in the wildcard round. Should Nick Siriani be worried about his job security moving forward with the Eagles?

Is it time for the Eagles to move on from Nick Siriani and find a new head coach?

Philadelphia’s game vs. the Bucs was 16-9 at one point, but the Eagles were never really in the game. Their defense couldn’t make a tackle all night and nothing was easy for their offense. Jalen Hurts and company only managed to score nine points. That is their lowest amount of points since a Week 7 loss to the Giants in 2021. Without A.J. Brown, their passing attack was hard to watch. Speaking with the media after that loss, Nick Siriani was asked what he thinks his future is with the Eagles.

He responded and said he is not thinking about himself and is more worried about the players. A somewhat cliche answer from the third-year head coach. Additionally, Siriani said he doesn’t have an end-of-the-season meeting set with the team’s owner yet. The 42-year-old said he wasn’t expecting their season to end last night. Owner Jeffrey Lurie and GM Howie Roseman have some tough decisions to make this offseason. Is Nick Siriani still their gut or do they need to move on and find a new head coach who can help them cash in on their championship window?

Losing their offensive and defensive coordinators after their Super Bowl run last season definitely hurt the Eagles in 2023. They just did not look like the same team on offense or defense this season. Early on the Eagles were winning some close games and beating some tough teams. Mid-way through November they were 10-1. However, the team went on to lose six of their last seven games. Philadelphia absolutely collapsed at the end of the season. When things like this happen, the head coach usually takes all the blame. A 32-9 loss could have been enough for the Eagles to say they’re ready to move on from Nick Siriani.

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