Former Sheffield United staff still making laughable claims against West Ham

I talked earlier about the settlement between West Ham and Sheffield United and how misguided the focus on it was – but comments from Warnock and the legal counsel representing Sheffield United players who both want to sue West Ham for damages take things to a whole new level.

Here’s a manager and a group of players who want compensation for their inability to win a game at home. It’s laughable. When Sheffield United complained one could make the argument (tenuous though it may be) that English football needed to make an example out of West Ham to deter clubs from making similar mistakes. Never mind that the compensation was not demanded from the people who had made the mistakes but the people who came in after them and the club and players and fans who had done nothing wrong.

The point has been made over the last two seasons. Sheffield United have the money, West Ham, lacking funds, will need to sell players or will be sold, and now the farce must stop and English football must move on from assigning blame to addressing the larger issues.

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