Ryan Reynolds to Branch Out From Soccer Ownership as He Sets Sights on NHL Side Ottawa Senators

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has turned his attention closer to home for his next sporting venture, with the Canadian actor reportedly beginning the process to purchase NHL outfit Ottawa Senators.

Reynolds is no stranger to professional sports ownership having successfully taken over British soccer club Wrexham, in a joint bid alongside ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ co-creator Rob McElhenney.

The Hollywood actor, who is perhaps best known for his role in anti-hero flick Deadpool, is reportedly teaming up with real estate company the Remington Group based in Toronto in order to launch a takeover bid of the Senators.

Having Reynolds attached to Wrexham has boosted their global profile immeasurably, and although Ottawa are a well-established NHL side with a strong history of success, having this added press coverage is likely to enhance the chances of their bid.

Former club owner Eugene Melnyk passed away last year, and as such, his two daughters both in their early 20’s were thrust into sports ownership. With the club now officially up for sale there are believed to be around 15 other bids according to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who are all vying to complete a takeover that will likely be in excess of $525 million.

Incorporated into Reynolds joint bid are plans to construct a brand new arena for the Senators at LeBreton Flats, which is more suitably positioned in the downtown area as opposed to their current home in Kanata, which is around 20km west of the city.

In addition, there are also reportedly plans for Reynolds to film a documentary-style programme similar to the one currently on Disney Plus that revolved around their Wrexham journey. This, as well as the plans to build an entirely new club facility, may swing the bidding in their favour as the league’s commission whittle the proposals down to a shortlist in the near future.


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