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Guys, this should be a regular feature (hopefully) here on Soccerlens where we give you brief roundups on our sister site Red Rants. For those who aren’t aware, it’s our new Manchester United blog. So hardcore United fans, head over to that site. Non-United fans are also welcome, but be careful if you plan on flaming us!

On to the roundup after the jump.

1. Rossi and Nani’s Goal Videos”>U21 European Championship: Rossi and Nani’s Goal Videos In case you missed those goals that Manchester United youngsters Rossi and Nani scored in the ongoing U21 Championships, you can catch them here before the guys at Youtube decide to take them down.

2. Transfer Rumours: Bardsley to Everton/Ibrahimovic We talked about two transfer rumours – one leaving and one coming to Manchester United. But we advise you to take them with a pinch of salt. We also managed to offend one Everton fan for calling his club a mid-table club. ‘Cmon, give us a break, it’s not like we called Everton a ‘small’ club or anything. 🙂

3. Featured Lookalike: Nani and…? And finally, this was what we think to be the first of many more lookalikes posts, thanks to one of our readers. Hopefully if some of our readers get creative, then we can have such posts more frequently. We looked at a Nani lookalike in this post.

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