Report: NFL GMs Believe That Ezekiel Elliot Has “Lost A Step”

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Ezekiel Elliot is taking his time in signing with a new NFL team, but he may have some trouble finding a new home if new reports are true.

The former Cowboys running back is hitting free agency for the first time in his career. He was drafted 4th overall by Dallas in 2016, and was one of the most dominant rushers in the league over his first three years. As a rookie, Elliot finished tied for third in MVP voting while leading the league in yards on the ground.

Ezekiel Elliot Could Have Trouble Finding A New Team

Elliot hasn’t been as dominant ever since he reached his mid-20s. Over the last three years, he has cracked 1,000 yards rushing just once, and gave up a large portion of his snaps and carries to backfield mate Tony Pollard who became the team’s lead running back.

With Pollard re-signing early in the off-season process, the Cowboys have left Ezekiel Elliot out in the cold and to look for a new home. But according to some general managers around the league, he may have a hard time finding a landing spot.

On ESPN’s NFL Live on Tuesday, Kimberly A. Martin said that she had spoken with multiple NFL GMs, and that the outlook for Elliot is not good:

“The market that Zeke wants just may not be there. They think he can be productive, but that he has lost a step.”

This sort of thing doesn’t come as a complete surprise. The shelf life for NFL running backs is stunningly short, and remaining a dominant rusher for more than a handful of years is a rarity. Elliot will be 28 years old by the start of next season, so it shouldn’t be a shock that teams are being cautious with him.

Martin also reiterated a point that could be a cause for delay. Not only is Ezekiel Elliot looking for a new home, but he wants to be in a situation where he can be a winner. But many of the contending teams have already solidified their backfield depth charts for the season, so the options may be running thin in that department.

Despite rushing for just 876 yards on just 231 attempts last season, Elliot was able to score 12 touchdowns on the year, the 6th highest total in the league.

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