Report: Newcastle United would-be owners unconcerned about claims that Henry Mauriss could outbid them


American media mogul Henry Mauriss is said to be readying a £350 million bid to buy Newcastle United should the Premier League knock back Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund’s £300 million bid.

Piracy claims that have since been confirmed by a World Trade Organization report have prevented the Saudi takeover from going through, but it is believed a verdict could be reached this week after the Kingdom decided to crack down on illegal streaming websites.

It remains to be seen what the Premier League’s final decision will be, but the PIF aren’t worried that Mauriss will outbid them, especially given that there has been no proof of funds from his side.

“Although there has been a lot of talks that American businessman Henry Mauriss is prepared to take over from the Saudis if their Newcastle takeover is rejected,” Daily Record journalist Duncan Castle said on The Transfer Window podcast.

“Certainly on the part of the buying group, there is no concern over Mauriss as a real candidate to replace them. The idea that he is going to put more money down on the table. They say it’s ridiculous and their information is that there has been no proof of funds from Mauriss’ side.

“To sum up what they think of Mauriss when I questioned them, they are supremely unconcerned, and in their view, there will not be a better offer to Ashley if there deal is not approved Ashley will end up on the wrong end of things financially. Therefore they think Ashley will be pushing the Premier League to get this completed.”

It’s been almost 12 weeks since the Premier League legal team started making checks to decide if PIF are worthy of becoming Newcastle owners, but Mauriss’ lawyers claim he could pass the Owners’ and Directors’ Test in less than three weeks.

The Californian owns Clear TV Media, a company that provides broadcasting services for airports, hospitals, and other areas outside of the home, reaching more than 85 million viewers.

His overall wealth is unclear, but multiple sources have confirmed that he does have the funds in place to progress.

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