Packers Re-Sign Jordan Love Through 2024 NFL Season

rsz houston texans v green bay packers
rsz houston texans v green bay packers

Waves were made around the NFL last week when the New York Jets finally traded for Aaron Rodgers. He has been and will be the talk of the league for the off-season, as the Jets will become one of the most polarizing teams this coming season. And while the hoopla follows Rodgers to New York, Jordan Love quietly takes over the starting job in Green Bay.

Jordan Love Signs Extension With Green Bay Packers

Love was selected in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Packers. The pick was met with plenty of criticism, as Rodgers needed weapons more than he needed a rookie backup. But it signaled the start of the deterioration between the team and their MVP quarterback, one that finally culminated in his departure three years later.

There wasn’t a lot of room for Love while backing up one of the greatest ever, just as there was little room for Rodgers behind Brett Favre so many years ago. Love has appeared in 10 games in his first three seasons, starting one. He is 50 for 83 (60.2%) for 606 yards, and has thrown three touchdowns and three interceptions.

The Packers trading Rodgers away is essentially handing the keys over to Jordan Love to run the offense. But does the team see him as their quarterback of the future?

Love Could Make More Than Other 2020 QBs

A decision had to be made on Tuesday, as the deadline for teams to pick up the 5th year options for players drafted in 2020 was looming. The other three quarterbacks selected in the first round that year have already had their options picked up, and many of the other star players too.

The two sides were able to come to an agreement before the official deadline, though it isn’t the same extension that we saw the other players sign. Instead, Love and the Packers drew up a new deal. He will instead sign a one-year extension that could be worth up to $22.5 million, and has $13.5 million in guarantees.

For his on-field presence, it means essentially the same thing. He is tied to his team for the same length of time that Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa are tied to theirs. But Love has the possibility of making more money (or maybe less). The exact details of the contract have not yet been released, but the 5th year option would have paid him roughly $20 million in guaranteed, though that was the cap. Love has a chance to make more money overall, but will be taking less in guarantees.

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