Oman beat 12-man Indonesian side

This is the first time that Indonesia failed to qualify for the final round of the Asian Cup since 1992. And it is not going too well with the Indonesian football fans.

An Indonesian fan, Hendri Mulyadi, ran out to the pitch, picked up the ball from Oman’s half, went on a run down the wing, dribbling and entering the 18 yard area and took a shot at goal which was successfully stopped by the goalkeeper. Indonesia was 2-1 down at the time. Here is the video of the incident:

Hendri apologized later saying:

“I apologise to the football fans across Indonesia for what I’ve done.”

“I was very disappointed with the Indonesian national team. They never win. It’s either lose or draw.”

From the way people are reacting, apologies were not needed. People have actually cheered his antics online; they are actually backing Hendri. I don’t know what the other Indonesian fans have on their mind after their team failed to avoid defeat despite their and Hendri’s best effort.

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