NFL Owners Reject Rule To Make Roughing The Passer Reviewable

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rsz 10nfl roughing jarrett 1 ea40 videosixteenbynine3000

There is always plenty of news that comes out of the annual NFL owner’s meetings. There are always coaches and general managers giving quotes about their off-season progress, as it serves as a good check-in for the media a couple of months removed from the Super Bowl.

But some of the more intriguing subject matters of the meetings are the proposals to rule changes around the league, and that is no different in 2023.

NFL Owners Reject Rule To Make Roughing The Passer Reviewable

Arguably the biggest news regarding any new tweaks to the game will be roughing the passer situations. The penalty has become a huge issue in the league over the last few years as the NFL looks to protect its players, and especially its quarterbacks. Players are being flagged for 15-yard penalties for routine hits on QBs that show no intent to injure, hurting defenses and adding yet another offensive advantage.

There are full compilations that can be found online of questionable (at best) roughing the passer calls, some of which adversely affected the outcome of games.

A proposed “solution” to the problem was up for vote at the owners meetings. A new rule would make roughing the passer calls reviewable, giving referees extra time to make the correct call, which would have helped tremendously in 2021 and 2022.

But apparently, the notion was nixed. According to Ian Rapoport, the proposal to make the call reviewable was not approved by vote of the owners.

It is an odd revelation, given the outcry to the issue over the lat couple of seasons. There are so many things that can be reviewable already, and roughing the passer has become one of the calls that has affected games the most. It would have stood reason for the proposal to be passed.

There were a couple of other small changes that could catch your eye next season, one of which regarding jersey numbers. It was approved on Tuesday for NFL players to wear the number 0, which falls in line with the other changes made to jersey numbers over the last few years.

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