Marcelo Bielsa says Robbie Gotts’s situation at Leeds is unfair


Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa has said that Robbie Gotts finds himself in an ‘unfair’ situation at the club and that he can leave if he wants to move on.

The Argentine has admitted that he feels guilty that he cannot give Gotts regular game time.

Bielsa has insisted that the 20-year-old is a fantastic young talent and he hopes that he stays at the club. However, he cannot give him enough playing time at the moment.

The Leeds boss has admitted that he would understand if the defender wanted to leave the Yorkshire outfit.

Bielsa told Leeds Live: “Gotts situation, I feel guilty about what is happening because he does everything to achieve his goal even though he didn’t have minutes.

“Only way I have, I have to be convinced he is better than the options I mentioned and there are something true how I am going to prove this if he doesn’t have minutes.

“This situation is unfair for Gotts. It’s very, very difficult to resolve. It’s difficult, but the reality is they are young players forced to say nothing and accept my decision. This increases this feeling I have I am worrying about. Gotts is in a special situation because he got a lot less than what he deserves.

“At the moment, I am not finding a fair situation to resolve this. In another moment I said to Robbie ‘I really hope you stay with us’, but I would understand if he thought it was better for him to leave.”

Leeds United find themselves at the top of the Championship table, and have taken a healthy 11 point lead from the third-placed side Fulham.

They have a very good squad and are one of the favourites to secure promotion to the Premier League. Therefore, it is only going to get difficult for Gotts to cement his position in the starting line-up for Leeds in the near future.

Leeds have top quality players in his position and it must be really frustrating for the highly-talented right-back not to get playing time. He must work hard in training and wait for any opportunity.

He will become a better player working under Bielsa, but at the same time, he needs to play regularly to grow as a player and build his confidence.

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